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Point Of Use Water Filtration Systems

Filter System Install
filter system To install a WLCS-1000 "point of use" water filter under the kitchen sink, first make sure space is available to install it and that you will be able to service it (change the filter) later. Not much room will be needed because the dimensions of this unit are 15" x 11" x 6-1/2". You will also need to make sure you have an available faucet hole on your kitchen sink or counter top.

The following installation instructions are basic guidelines and will hopefully explain how easy it is to install this water filter.

Determine where you will mount the WLCS-1000 and then mount it using the mounting bracket built into the top of the water filter using the wood screws provided. Mount it high enough so the sump and filter can be removed for servicing and replacement of the filters in six months. The water filter just needs to be high enough to allow the sump to be unscrewed from the top of the filter and the sump and filter to be slid out and removed. The bottom of the filter can be no less than 2 inches above the bottom of the cabinet. The filters are already installed, but check to make sure the sumps are tightened snugly against the top of the filter. Install the 9-volt battery by removing the top cap of he water filter.

Mount the drinking water faucet to the sink or counter top. Put the shank post into the top of the sink or counter top and use the washers and the nut underneath the sink or counter top to tighten the drinking water filter to the sink or counter top. Tighten the nut snugly. You want the faucet base not to move, but do not over tighten the nut underneath.

The WLCS-1000 comes with a tee adapter to install on the angle stop supplying the cold water to your existing kitchen faucet. The tee adapter will fit on a 1/2" SL (slip joint) angle stop valve. It will allow you to interrupt the water line going to the faucet and connect the 1/4" plastic tubing to the water filter.

Be sure to turn the cold water angle stop valve off before trying to install the tee adapter. Disconnect the cold water line going to the faucet at the angle stop. Attach the tee adapter to the male SJ outlet threads of the angle stop. The tee adapter comes with a washer on the female SJ side and no other means of pipe sealant will be needed. Tighten the tee adapter by turning it clockwise snugly onto the angle stop. Be careful not to over tighten it. Hand tighten the tee adapter. If more tightening will be needed then a 1/4 turn with a wrench is the most pressure that can be safely applied.

Now re-connect the water line to the tee adapter. If your existing water line is old or will no longer seal correctly, then you may need a new water line. We recommend the use of stainless steel braided water connectors.

The 1/4" plastic tubing can now be inserted into the tee adapter. Determine how much plastic tubing will be needed to run from the tee adapter to the inlet of the water filter and cut it to the desired length. Insert one end of the plastic tubing into the quick connect fitting at the tee adapter and the other into the "in" side of the water filter. There are also two 90° angle quick connect adapters included and can be used to help you with your installation as needed. Once the plastic tubing is inserted into the quick connect fitting, it will lock into place and cannot be removed unless the gray lip is pushed toward the fitting and the tubing is pulled out at the same time.

Determine how much plastic tubing will be needed to run from the outlet of the water filter to the inlet of the drinking water faucet and cut it to the desired length. Insert one end of the plastic tubing into the outlet side of the water filter, and the other end into the bottom of the water filter faucet, which also has quick connect fittings. Check to make sure the filter sumps are tight and snug.

Slowly open the angle stop valve, which will allow water flow to the kitchen sink faucet and to the water filter. Turn the water filter faucet on and let run for a few minutes to allow he black colored carbon Finns to clear out of the new filters. Once the water is clear, then enjoy your filtered water.